Sunday, 10 November 2013

Is working on replacing the teacher and the classroom?

Just like email did not replace the messenger Shakili is here for good..for the best. Not to replace the teachers but make them incredible, cool and really nice in a good techie way.
We are not trying to use our technology to replace the in-person interactions offered by institutions. Teachers will still have to go to class and teach.
However School leaders today need to seize the opportunities open to them through technology – to provide broader, deeper and more exciting education. 

Through Shakili, schools can embrace an inexpensive and convenient way of passing knowledge among teachers and students.

Learning, on one extreme is the magic of presence - with peers and teachers another is the almost infinite access to peers and teachers in the virtual world--anywhere---anytime. We want to enhance the experience in both worlds...blending of learning.

With Shakili schools will broaden their reach and teachers can offer more value to their students, deepen curricula, increase learning productivity and prepare students better for exams, work, entrepreneurship and life ahead.

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