Monday, 4 November 2013

Passionate About Helping Young People And Worried About the Gen Y?

 Here's an Opportunity to Fuel Your Passion and Rock Your World

 Hello there…we are working on something different for the local KE 17-27 urban audience. It's just a BLOG. A simple one....but with great content, articles and resources.  All in one place.

To put a framework around it. We specifically want to reach the guy/chic who has just cleared high school…probably thinking of what to do next, what to pursue.....through to college students in campo …to settling in the corporate world or launching a startup…rocking a side hustle…pursuing your passion and the hustle of monetizing it and slightly beyond. That happens to most people around the 17 to 27-28 age bracket.

So we felt there was a need for a resource to help us navigate these crucial years and thought of coming up with a content place;  it’s our blog idea for the Gen Y to think aloud, write, share ideas and read stories on people, events, topics and issues they passionately think and worry about. 

Well; we are not trying to build another news-oriented blog filled with posts gathered from releases, we are not doing this expecting any monetary we won't pursue hits to attract advertisers.

To clarify it's not just a campus website to share what's cutting around. And we probably don't want to cover too much of what happens deep into businesses and careers. So we are sort of that you cross over from late teenage years to late twenties. With your contributions, guest posts and ideas we can make this interesting to ensure everyone gets an equal share of the pie.

We really want to create something valuable...a quieter place....with locally relevant content that you can always refer to from time to time. A better place for us all. Powered by everyone. A

 So we'll  take time to do meaty articles, posts that help others understand global events, topics, and ideas by sharing these stories with a local angle to help everyone put them into perspective for easier application.

We probably hope to do much more than just inform our will be audience about what’s happening but share our knowledge, lessons, experiences, tips etc etc to help others achieve similar results.

We hope to serve you deep Features and Stories on Interesting and not so popular People doing things uniquely and share their tricks, Exciting analysis of cool events and initiatives happening or those that we attended, Insights on various Social media Campaigns & Causes around issues we care about, Fascinating Topics and Pressing Issues.

If you can write articles with a fresh-local perspective on topics that relate to the Gen Y and issues that affect Uni Students then we’ll help you find the right audience.

Wanna be part of this?

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