Job Compatibility

I am naturally suited well towards the following roles:
You are well-suited towards sales roles since you are persuasive and often able to convince others of your ideas. When presented with an obstacle, you often come up with out-of-the-box solutions. You can sell to others in innovative and creative ways. If a product is not selling, you will often come up with new techniques to sell it that have not been tried before.
You understand how to portray your ideas to make them appealing to others. Combined with some analytical skills, this would make you phenomenal at marketing. Marketing is more art than science, and you thrive in areas with rules are not clearly defined.
Product Management
You like to take build things and pursue your own ideas. When given responsibility to manage a product, if you can believe that its yours and given full responsibility for it, you will excel at the job. However if the role is presented to you as mechanical list of to-do items, you will treat this as someone else's idea and not perform as well.
You are always looking for opportunities and ideas. In a mediocre organization that is very rigid, you will fail. However within the right company that values innovation, disruption and new ideas, you will quickly rise to the top because of your enterprising nature. You are more well-suited towards small businesses and start-ups that tend to be open and flexible.
Business Development
Similar to your prowess at sales and marketing, you will do well at building partnerships for your organization in a business development role. You will thrive where the opportunities and role is less defined. You are the rainmaker for your organization, and will always keep trying to bring in new opportunities and ideas. When paired with the Social personality-type, you will be a 5-star BD person.
Venture Capital
You believe in taking calculated risks with your time and your money. You would be well-suited towards venture capital (VC, Angel, Private Equity) where you are making risky, ill-defined investment decisions in new and small businesses. Where the rest of the world sees uncertainty, you see opportunity. When combined with an Analytical type, this would make you an ideal junior or mid-level manager. When combined with a Social type, this would make you an excellent partner at a VC firm.
This is your best-fit role. You have had some experience organizing things - events, parties, charities or groups. You are naturally good at organizing businesses. You are able to deal with your fear of failure and take calculated risks. All Enterprising types should try starting a business at some point in their lives - even if it is just a small side- business. It will be a rewarding experience.
When combined with an Artistic or Analytical personality type, this makes you well- suited to being an Inventor. This also influences what kind of products you will make as an inventor. You may already have thought of new products that are just waiting to be invented. You may also have a patent to your name. When combined with an Artistic personality type, you will come up with the most creative inventions possible.


  1. Great choice of colors (Red, green and Black) in your logo Muthuri. Color is one of the greatest instrument used to define and represents your brand. Customers, corporates and Investors, are able to measure your brand value, equity, quality & resilience through specific colors. When choosing a color to represent your business logo or brand, it is advisable that your best and ultimate choice of color to be outstanding than the rest. As per your logo above, black color is represented as being much outstanding compared to the red and green colors. This symbolizes more self control, passion and resilience which is good, plus an added black African morale.

  2. I love the design of the Logo.The second logo in the flow is much better comparesd to the one with multiple colours.Black as a colours stands out from most colours,it shows foundition,Authority and detail.It's also complemented by the other colours as in our national flag.

    It also sells you uot as a strong and cultural person in the essence of an African.

  3. i prefer the second logo,it compliments all the colors and makes it unigue and brings out the strong picture of ur strengths and boldnes to succeed seen in the black color taht dominates here.good work

  4. good work.. going place

  5. good work bro... i love the whole concept

  6. you are now making it happen...thats the spirit

  7. this an inspiration i needed thanks alot scholar