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August 2013 to date

Shakili is a content distribution and a knowledge sharing platform that offers teachers an easier way to publish, organize and share multimedia educational content with students and interested learners online across devices.

Team Leader and Vision Bearer

SocialPRO Clubs

June to October 2012.

The core objective of these clubs is to teach, educate, create awareness and impart knowledge & skills of social media to the university students and faculty. These clubs were endorsed by ministry of information and communication and launched on the 25th of October 2012 at the University of Nairobi by Dr, Bitange Ndemo.

Social Kenyans Social Media Documentary

October 2012:Project ongoing.

“The Social Kenyans” documentary shall feature outstanding social media enthusiasts & influencers, developers, artistes, bloggers, industry analysts, key people and organizations as well as memorable events that have made significant contributions and at the same time appreciate and acknowledge those who have immensely contributed to the growth of social media in Kenya.

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