Tuesday, 11 September 2012

24 Business & Life Lessons-The Best of The Best!

I thought it would be cool to share "What's on my mind" with those that didn't get a piece of the cake on my birthday. If you were lucky to have both then thank God for it-)). I have written 24 lessons, things I know or basically a few tips here and there that may be of help to you. Why? I love sharing what I know with YOU. It kinda makes me feel better plus it's my small way of passing knowledge; do enjoy my 24 tips!

1. Family is and will always be there for you. Don't burn bridges at home, your parents and siblings come in handy when no one else wants to talk to you! They are the people who will always receive you with open arms when the whole world turns against you! 

2.If you want to learn how to fly don't spend the day with ducks. The company you keep determines how far you can go, how connected you are to ideas, opportunities and deals. Well, not just that, something changes in you when you spend a few minutes with a smarter, more intelligent and brighter person. Spend time with such people and they'll open you up!

3.When life gets too tough think about these three things, 
1.Stop doing and observe,
2. Keep working harder or 
3.Look at the past and see what you could have done wrong! 
Should you stop and look back ensure you make the decision faster on whether to move on or quit! Don't hold on for too long to things that do not work! Pick the lessons and keep walking! Women for example tend to hold on for years on ideas, businesses and men that won't work! Blame it on pastors and motivational speakers -))

4.In life you get paid by two coins, cash will never come before experience not unless its a lottery! In short you've got to struggle, learn, be patient and be passionate about what you are doing and CASH will definitely follow you LATER!

5.The world doesn't owe you anything...the government is not your dad....your bank is not to blame for your financial woes.....the recession affected every business in your industry so quit complaining and plan ahead!

6. Don't worry; skills are cheap, passion is priceless. If you love and enjoy doing something then you'll be good at it very soon! Keep learning!
7. Capital is overrated. Money was invented to facilitate exchange of goods and services, not to limit ideas. We have what we need to make things happen. We just choose to think we need money to make it happen. ~ Evans Muriu. Let me not add anything here....this is the best quote I have come across in recent times!
8.  When someone says NO to you, take it as an opportunity to learn something new. Could be a girl, boss, parent or whoever....handle rejections positively. Don't drink or do weed 'kutoa stress' you'll get into more shit after that! I cannot count the number of times I have prepared slides or reports overnight to get "THAT'S CRAP MUTHURI" on my Gmail when I wake up! Please and I repeat PLEASE...learn how to positively handle these!
9. If you are a start up the only edge you have over the big boys is customer service. Don't start competing on price and huge discounts.....the bigger brands will easily fry you out with their huge budgets. Build a great product, deliver an excellent service, keep the clients happy and word about you spreads like bushfire. Should you choose to buy attention (advertising) as a small business rethink! Why? the bigger guys are on print, outdoor, digital and in all malls! You can't beat them on this!!!!
10. A good business is as good as the people it keeps. Don't hire monkeys and expect to get anything done! Work with smart guys, they don't come cheap though!
11. Never under estimate the power of PR. Nothing is as great and powerful as the media, certain influential guys and thought leaders saying you are nice or your product is AMAZING! 
12. If you still believe the world is unfair and only the rich get richer then you are as good as dead because you've given up on LIFE!
13. Work in the brand called YOU! That is what people buy first...if people can't trust you no matter how great your product or service is no one will buy! 
14. Don't go to school to get good grades, there's something called getting 'an education'. I hope you know the difference! Paper brilliance will get you a job but not a career!
15. When you turn a year older like I did yesterday look back at the 'old year' and see what you've achieved. I hope you've written down your goals or resolutions then match them to what you've achieved! Don't lie to yourself, be honest!
16. When you've looked at the past failures, successes and milestones covered then plan ahead! Lay down the strategy, plan for the new year and START working on it there and then! Start moving...keep walking...all you need will fall in place on the way!
17.  The best way to grow as a person is to invest in your skills. If you don't want to 'expire' soon keep reading more, learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. It doesn't have to be from a school; GOOGLE is all you need my friend! Download stuff...consume knowledge...listen to tutorials... and if you obey the good book ......give back! Create content and share it online to benefit others. You may have a simple blog where you share your thoughts, opinions and arguments on various issues...someone somewhere will find it useful!
18. Never underestimate the power of networking. The people you know matter or better still the people who know you well matter most! Getting to be known and in the right way is critical. Remember it's not what you tell people you are but what they tell others YOU are! So please ensure people say something positive about you when you are not around! In the world you'll never miss 2 or 3 people who passionately hate you, so a few guys will try pin you down!
19. Celebrate your small successes in a big way, NEVER talk about your problems to people who will not help YOU and finally always work on your weaknesses and bad habits one by one! (This is my game plan in LIFE)
20. Save the best for the last!!! What do I mean? This is a competitive world, where some businesses thrive while others are collapsing. I am just trying to say just ensure your enemies and friends don't know what's cooking!
21. Social media is here to stay...it's not a FAD, nor a dating site...these are networks that could change your life.We are launching SocialPro clubs to unlock the limitless possibilities on social media....make a date with us...25th Sept it is and experience this in person!
22. Drop and unfriend guys or people who fill you up with negative energy. Run away from guys who don't believe in your potential and are always talking about how this is or that is very hard to do or achieve! Walk away from people that laugh at your dreams and ideas. Keep the company of people who believe, people who want to see you succeed and support you in their small ways....hang out with people that discuss ideas and want to involve you on their projects....Seek platforms that develop the 'lion' in you because its your time ROAR!
23. Are you still with me? I hope you are.  The devil is in the details! Read the fine print! To add on that kindly ensure your engagement with your clients is legal and bound by a contract! People change so do not overlook the importance of having an agreement written down on paper and signed! It may not seem important at the beginning but when things go wrong you'll wish you had something signed!
24. Put GOD above everything! This had to come at No.24! Why? We always tend to think that sleeping and waking up is normal, breathing in and out is kawaida.....well there's someone up there who maintains the servers that make you function well! God is powerful and he's the author of our lives. He has good plans for each one of us...always keep that in mind and PRAY! Before you think about the other 23 points think about the role of God in your life! Do follow me on Twitter  @KenyanMarketer  and leave your comments, compliments, late birthday wishes and such on handle.
With the 24 lessons allow me to introduce my latest project or undertaking; the SocialPro clubs! What are they? kindly check the links below and be part of the platforms that will change and shape Africa in decades to come.
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  1. That's the greatest 24 birthday cake lessons I have learned from you. Great positive points. Thanks!