Saturday, 1 September 2012

How SocialPro Clubs Will Enhance Learning In Higher Education

1    The social media revolution is taking shape in Africa, business and individuals have truly embraced social media, some are doing it right while others are so lost in this social media bandwagon. However we haven't seen local universities embrace social media and integrate it to teaching leave alone introduce units that tackle various disciplines of this new media. At Social Edge Africa we are passionate about changing and making learning more fun in universities through SocialPro clubs that we shall be launching on the 25th of September at the University of Nairobi.
     University of Adelaide in Australia is using this technology to reach students, share information, answer questions and keep their finger on the pulse of the university.
2    The social media team at the university used social media to welcome students during Orientation Week with their O’Week app. It let students use their smart phones to find schedules of activities, maps of the campus and a Twitter stream for meeting other new students. Check out our case study to learn how the University of Adelaide is using social media to help engage and connect their students. Social media is quickly becoming an important part of how universities and schools communicate, and is making its way into the classroom.

Through SocialPro clubs lecturers will benefit in the following ways.
1. Help lecturers embrace social media and learn how to integrate it into teaching.
2. Understand how to connect with their students on social media and gain valuable feedback, share information etc.
3. Help the lecturers embrace social media learn how to communicate, engage and interact with students on social media.
4. Establish processes that control the publishing and monitoring of their content online & globally.
5. Help lecturers understand how to publish their content on multiple networks , optimize it for a variety of multimedia formats and optimize it for many types of screens to ensure it’s viewed easily and consumed.
6. Help lecturers understand how to edit the content into a creative formats that entertains, educates and inspires.
7. Help them learn how to create and share content for the different types of media such as video and text.
8. Basically they will learn how social media can make their work easier and more fun!

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