Friday, 24 August 2012

Facebook Marketing Tips For Beginners.

Social media marketing if properly done can be a free and innovative channel to win your business positive press and to “get the word out” about who you are and what you do. Facebook just like any other social media aspect could harm your business if not properly used. Image consistency is what matters for your products and services.
Ways of using Facebook
  • Create a Facebook fan page for your company. The information on the fan page should include Contact information (both telephone and physical), of both your staff and of your business location, what you do, any organization that you support, and any other pivotal information about your company
  • Build “likes” on Facebook, which gives you the ability to post updates onto your “fans” walls
  • Make sure to put your logo as the profile picture
  • You can change up the cover photo, which is a banner-sized heading graphic on your profile page. Use the photo to announce specials or just change as your advertising scheme changes
  • Update your status with relevant and interesting content to your audience
Facebook advertisements
With Facebook ads, your business can hone in on that perfect customer and provide new and valuable offers without adding any financial costs.
The advertisement formats draw their content exclusively from posts to brands’ Facebook pages, instead of written advertising copy from the advertisements.
Pricing is based on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and ad spots will be sold via third-party vendors.
In summary, to fully benefit from Facebook follow the following steps:
Improve your social reach
  • Completely updating your profile
  • Integrate your keywords throughout
  • Add social icons to all non-social stuff
  • Add buttons to content to promote sharing
Increase your fan engagement
  • Develop creative non-promotional content and publish daily
  • Aim to strike a chord: Be funny, emphatic and empathetic
Identify and engage influences
  • Identify top users who could be your top marketers and ward them
Increase lead generation
  • Practice active monitoring
  • Serve content based on customer needs
  • Monitor customer feed back                                                                                                   
Finally we are inviting Kenya's most social brands to be part of the social media revolution in Africa. This is one great opportunity for brand managers to position their brands as 'social' brands that seek to connect with Kenyans to a deeper level and get their relationship with consumers intimate!
The tremendous growth of social media in business and communication in Kenya has necessitated the formation of social media clubs dubbed (SocialPro clubs) in universities across the country. Social Edge Africa; a social media consultancy company that offers a 360 degrees approach to social media seeks to revolutionize how brands engage and interact with their communities on social media. These clubs will bring together different social media enthusiasts, speakers,lecturers, bloggers, industry experts, digital agencies and organizations who have immensely contributed to the growth of social Media in Kenya. SocialPro clubs will also create a platform that will enhance product and consumer engagement through creativity and innovation. 
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  1. Thanks for writing this. I really feel as though I know so much more about this than I did before. Your blog really brought some things to light that I never would have thought about before reading it. You should continue this, I'm sure most people would agree you've got a gift.
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  2. Use Facebook Insights to monitor your success with your fans and to see why and when their activity increases or decreases. This can help you in your future campaigns and promotions.