Monday, 14 November 2011

Strategies to ensure effective communication to the Customer.

Customers in the 21st century are exposed to all sorts of ads, promotions, billboards, fliers and the internet as
companies market their products. They are well informed and very sensitive to price, quality and what your brand claims to do. Competition is stiff among firms and only businesses that communicate the right message at the exact time to the correct audience survive the fierce war to remain profitable. This aspect makes companies put great effort to pass the right message to their target consumers.
Reviews and Surveys
Companies that seek to remain in the market must carry out research to understand their customers. This analysis helps businesses to know what the market needs and know the perceptions and misconceptions their product or service has in the market. These assessments should be done regularly as customer tastes and preferences change frequently. When a company gets that feedback then it is better placed to communicate to its consumers.
Analyze Complaints.
Investigate the complaints you receive from customers. This will show you trends in why you’re losing loyal clients then make appropriate changes. Most consumers will not protest and will simply walk away to another seller. Criticism is good for a business as it helps the company improve on their weak points. This helps the company to address any negative information in the media that is not true.
Right Channel And Media.
You should use the right communication channels to pass the message to your customers. Most businesses use the wrong media to pass the communication hence the intended message gets to the unintended audience. One should choose the means by which the message is spread so that it gets to its aimed viewers and listeners.
Keep It Simple.
Communication should be straight to the point. The message should be clear, easy to understand and memorable. It should also leave an impression on the consumers, arouse desire and push the consumers to buy the product. Most consumers do not know the meaning when you pass the message using a language or words they do not understand. Do not give lengthy, unnecessary details that confuse the audience.

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