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The Marketing Students’ Association, University of Nairobi is a student-based professional organization composed of students with a passion for the marketing profession. We draw membership from all the schools in the University of Nairobi with linkages with other marketing students associations in other universities and colleges in Kenya.
We have a campus reach of over 10,000 students and pride ourselves in our vision to empower our members to be the business leaders of tomorrow
The University of Nairobi School of business hosts the event on the 25th of November 2011: The 2011 face of marketing is shaping up to be a great event.
The Face of Marketing is an annual grand event organized by the Marketing Students Association (MSA) of University of Nairobi. This year brand Kenya, interconsumer products, Youth enterprise development fund and marketing society of Kenya all sponsors. More corporates can support the students to make the event a success.
It is a beauty pageant competition set around exciting, innovative and fast paced entertainment and activities. The activities include strutting catwalks, body building and also exhibits a number of talent from different genres such as music, dances, comedies and martial arts among others.
According to Kerubo Nyamwaro the Chairperson  M.S.A ,The theme of this year’s event is ‘CREATING SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE YOUTH’, through this MSA would wish to encourage the youth to explore their talents and use them as the foundation for improving their lives and for those around them. Great emphasis shall be made on using entrepreneurship as a tool for dealing with unemployment and strengthening the Kenyan economy. The Beauty Pageant aims at producing student ambassadors who will always spearhead projects within and outside the Kenyan University’s fraternity.
v  Promote entrepreneurship
v  Promote talent
v  Create a market base for our sponsors
v  Promote corporate relations
v  Market the University of Nairobi and its environs as a talent hub
v  Create an avenue for cultural diversity appreciation
v  Promoting positive ethnicity by embracing different cultural practices
v  Fun
The target group comprises of University of Nairobi students, Students from other Universities and Colleges, General public, Fashion enthusiasts, General urban youth, Male and female above 18 years of age
Models can register by sending their profiles to See you there.


Wesley owiti
Project manager
MSA face of marketing

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