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Why You Need to Register for Inspired to Inspire Course by DR. Wale Akinyemi

Testimonials from Past #I2I sessions

Kariuki Kamau (KK)
Team Building Coach & Motivational Speaker
Masai Africa Safaris Ltd
He that walks with wise men shall be wise: a friend of fools shall become like to them. I now know that to be wise is a function of my ability and willingness to learn, and putting myself in a position to do so.  Those who I consider wise people are always trying new things and learning, or regularly spending time with those who may have more expertise or experience than them.  
I started attending Coffee with Dr Wale at KICC enjoying and learning something different from every session which I do and will continue doing for total mental transformation. The moment he started the first I2I program which runs for a week I enrolled. The whole course was different from few tips we get at the Coffee session due to time limitation. Day one was on transformative thinking which seriously needed for upgrading my head office and thinking without a box. Day two got hotter after he jogged our mind to reflect on our childhood behavior which I was enlightened to realize it has a connection with my destiny. The winning terrain on day three opened our thinking and I realized why most of the employees in organization endure and not enjoy what they do, for you who have been saying ooh God its Monday and thank you God its Friday, this is your session. Network of Champions day four was just for me I realized a Toyota in the parking lot attracts other Toyotas around. Thanks to Power talk team headed by Dr Wale, I have been following international mentors online but having one who we can dine and share a talk one on one is incomparable. I salute you for breaking the small thinking mentality that was in me truly I have a before and after Wale story, after the session my company staff have triples from 12 to 36. I relocated my office to a four times bigger than the former; we are now attracting big fish in our ponds that could not have fitted in the former shallow flying pan. Keep up the good work and if you have not joined I2I you have not only heard you have seen make a choice to remain as a mumu or a Champion.

Jennifer Musyoki
Dr. Wale has been instrumental to the mental transformation that I have undergone last year. Listening to him and reading his articles introduced a different perspective of life as I knew it. It made me question my potential and made me realize that I may not be living my best life now.  Until September last year I was working as a Water and Sanitation Engineer in one of the leading engineering consultancy firms. I started out very passionate in my trade. I loved the idea of being one of the lead consultants in my trade and I wanted to develop my skills in the trade. However I developed a growing discontentment in being an engineer as I did not quite enjoy the technical bit of the work and I felt imprisoned to a predictable life of employment where people and external factors defined the limits of your success. We often complain about our life and we sometimes feel helpless to change it. We feel like we are victims of the economy and the opportunities that are available; and so we fit into the status quo. But one of Dr Wale’s famous sayings is that the best way to predict your life is to create it.  So instead of mourning about my present reality I decided to create the future I wanted.  I did not quite know what I wanted to do but I knew what I did not want to do; so I resigned my job to redefine my life.  I went through the I2I program which happened to be at a very opportune time when I had just resigned. It was an induction course to the next form of my life. The sessions validated my decisions and enlightened me on the way forward. The program enables you to see that it is not enough to think big but we must also develop our skills/gifts as well as our networks in order for us to maximize our potential. Dr Wale’s insightful wisdom as well as real life experience inspires a person to action. I don’t regret my decision at all to resign my job as unpredictable opportunities have come my way as a result and I look forward to the possibilities of living a life of impact by pursuing my true passion and calling by living authentically. I highly recommend the program for individuals who desire a life bigger than their present reality and who want to become agents of transformation. I2I is not an ordinary program; it is an opportunity for people to be enlisted into a power network of like-minded individuals who will stir the waters of national and continental transformation in all spheres of life.
Riungu Nicholas
Mechanical Engineer
Co-founder of Rimuco group of companies.

I was searching for a mentor who shared my vision to change Africa. In my searching I would read local dairies and magazine on leadership and management. A few years ago, I came across one of Dr. Wale column in the local diaries. I became a staunch follow of the column. In mid 2012 in one of the business meeting a friend of mine invited me to Coffee with Dr. Wale, this where I met the man himself face to face. And I was introduced to I 2 I program. I enrolled for the November class, during which I learnt about; original living, the winning terrain critical thinking, living beyond expectation and the network of champions. As a business owner below captured my attention; I must never die a photocopy, I must always prepare for the next form of my life, every idea has a self life, and most important for business is developing a strategic mind. But with Dr. Wale’s keen insight on leadership and management, I pressed on with confidence eventually birthing Rimuco group of companies. During second week of January 2012 we signed an agreement with one supplier to sell generators in Kenya! With his tips and coaching he could help you unlock your potential too. You can read more about the #I2I transformation stories here

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