Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sometimes in life……but other times


Sometimes in life you’ve got to follow your gut instinct but other times you’ve got to look at the hard facts, figures and statistics.

Sometimes in life you might want to take in all that comes your way may be at work, home or at school; get involved in as many things as possible but other times you need to learn to say NO!

Sometimes in life we might read as many motivational and inspirational books as possible which all point to 'trust and believe in yourself and get it done or keep doing it till it works' but other times we may not need them as we clearly know what do to move from point A to B.

Sometimes in life we’ve got to listen to what people tell you but other times you need to pursue that dream in your way.

Sometimes in life we’ve got to let go if it’s not working, but other times you’ve got to be patient, persistent and persevere as you make it work. 

Sometimes in life we need to chart our own path and determine our own destiny but other times we’ve got to follow what worked with someone else.

Sometimes in life we may not really have the options but other times you may have a plan B. If there’s no way out, always let God in!

Sometimes in life when at crossroads we may choose to turn left or right or walk straight ahead but other times we may choose to go back and take another path! 

Sometimes in life we need someone to guide us through but other times we can do it on our own if we believe in ourselves. We need to trust our capabilities and talents on our way. 

Sometimes in life we may feel unlucky, other times fate may befall us however we ultimately choose whether to stay stuck there or pull out of the mess.

Sometimes in life we blame our challenges and problems on others at times even on our leaders but other times we need to look at how to solve the issues even in our own small ways.

Sometimes we expect too much from friends who may let us down but other times we need to learn to be self reliant and have solutions to our challenges.

Sometimes in life every analyst, so called experts, thought leaders may dismiss your model of getting it done…you may choose to listen to them or other times move on.

Sometimes in life we may have to say not to that ‘amazing opportunity’, offer, job or idea just to stay on course but other times we may have to jump on opportunities when they present themselves. 

Sometimes in life we may follow the ‘live each day’ as it comes philosophy but other times we need to also think about tomorrow as it will come; God willing.

Sometimes in life we’ve gotta fake it to make it but other times people need to see the genuine and authentic us. Depending on the circumstance and time we get to choose who to be or present yourself as!

Sometimes in life too much honesty can be dangerous, opening up to so many people may expose our weakest links and friends or people may exploit that but other times honesty could be the way out!

Sometimes in life we are faced with adverse difficulties, we think hard and work a way out…..we are strong….we are gifted and unique in our own ways…created in God’s image.

Whatever it is you are facing…no matter how tough the situations you are in just remember you are a CHAMPION! KEEP WALKING!

Spend a minute and watch this amazing video! 

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