Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Guest Post: Isaac Mburu's Message To All The First Years.

Note From Muthuri Kinyamu
 Isaac Mburu  is a freshman at the University of Nairobi, school of business. The very first week he reported to school he had contacted me to be part of the team organizing the launch of SocialPRO  clubs. Isaac is an amazing guy, when you meet him you'll wish you were like him in your first year in campus. He always wants to be involved in tech events and activities that will equip him with skills. He already knows what he will major in, has a career path already defined and he's not just sleeping when he has no classes! This is why I tag him along to events I get invited to and share others with him expose him to the realities of the corporate world and ensure he participates in as many events to learn more. Since he wants to start blogging, I invited him to guest post on my blog. Read his article below.
The most primary objective of any University programme is to model a student in preparation for the outside world, not just with emphasis on employment by churning job creators to the economy. As a matter of fact it takes more than the sole 3-hour sitting through a long, boring and educative lecture. It calls and desires for a proactive and ambitious approach to issues within and without the University especially considering the neck-breaking competition for jobs and opportunities in our ailing Kenyan market.

Nonetheless, all is not lost especially to the "fighter-configured" persons. By this I refer to the focused and 'market-like' competent guys. You know them, those that will grasp the least of opportunities as long as they have nothing to lose. The same comrades you see scribbling down their names on every membership list of various clubs in the university. It is pretty obvious that an aggressive zeal and activity pays in the end. After all, need I retype the cliché that a long journey starts with a single step?

You have to get started. The sooner the better, as a matter of fact it is a big pity to they that are so far directing all their efforts to book knowledge and that alone. At the end of the day you will be required to leverage the theory in your head with actual output. With all sobriety and realistic logic, you must start somewhere. At least something out of the normal CCS01, DBA101,CCS010 et cetera.

You guys (University of Nairobi students) are lucky to be in a premier university. The best in Eastern and Central Africa, ISO certified and of course the only university in Kenya that takes an article "The"!!!!. However it is one thing to be in a PREMIER UNIVERSITY and another to be a PREMIER GUY. It takes an effort not to be buried in the guise of being among the complacent family of 'lucky few that managed it to a world-class university'-You have indeed heard the phrase for the umpteenth time just this soon. The issue is whether you will, at the end of the day, add up to being as distinguished as 'The University'.

A creative and aggressive Mr.Muthuri Kinyamu had all this information at the tip of his fingers when he nurtured the idea of SocialPRO clubs. The University of Nairobi student who is yet to graduate knowing it all wouldn't rest the matter at that. 5 months after completing his studies, the young ambitious man is already CEO and founder of Social Edge Africa. 

 Further to this , the company has now come up with another brainchild, the SocialPRO clubs. Realistically speaking, this is going to be the next big and coolest thing in our universities. The clubs set to be launched on the 25th of October will definitely be a wonderful asset to the campus students especially. Basically, these will serve as interactive platforms between the corporate world, NGOs, Lecturers, Government, other stakeholders and the University students. The overriding idea being to create a networking platform between all these stakeholders with an aim of mutual beneficial relationship either of the partners. The business sector will, needless to say, find a rich avenue to outsource qualified candidates as employees. On their part, the students will be able to link up with employers early enough such that there won't be a vacuum after graduation and employment. As a matter of fact, most will end up being hired long before they graduate. Mr.Muthuri can acclaim to this having started working long before he graduated with big brands including The Coca-Cola company among others.

The project has so far had the backing of various corporates including The University of Nairobi, Kuza Biashara ltd and Nairobi Hub mentioning but a few. The government has equally supported the idea notably being that the launch will be chaired by the PS Communication Dr.Bitange Ndemo. This is clear demonstration of the momentum with which the clubs are taking off as well as the magnitude with which they will revolutionize the employment and business sectors among others. To find more information on this, Like Social Edge Africa on Facebook and follow Muthuri on Twitter @KenyanMarketer on twitter for more updates.

Just in case you have something Isaac can do; an internship, a part time job he can do or invite him to an event please share it with him through (

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