Monday, 30 July 2012

8 Tips To Help You Generate More Retweets

Social Media is transforming the way the world does business. In your town and your city, this week. Today the implications are huge and the prizes are enormous for those businesses with the wisdom and foresight to get involved – properly – right now. Fast forward to how to generate more RT's; well a retweet is that little reward that says somebody liked what you shared. 
To some Tweeps it may mean an endorsement while to others it may not. But what makes people retweet? 
Here are some practical ways that will get you more retweets.
1.Tweet something humorous 
Over 84% of retweets tend to be something funny. Whether you're making fun of Doreen TPF5 or Alex BBA there’s a good chance it will get retweeted.Having a good sense of humour in your tweets could get you many RT's. 
I wouldn’t abuse this, but if you occasionally end your tweet with “plz retweet” you are likely to get some retweets out it. Should you ask for RT's kindly ensure you don't over do it. It may seem like self promotion to some people or spam to others. Make it engaging!
3.Time your tweets 
Getting more retweets happens when the most people see it. That’s why you have to remember that 48% of Twitter users are in EST and that 6% of all retweets occur at 5 PM. And keep in mind that Wednesday is the best day to tweet. If you're pushing serious content tweeting in the morning may get you RT's. Sharing content when your followers are not on Twitter may not earn you RT's.  Use Tweriod  to see when you tweet and when your friends tweet. Then tweet during those times to increase engagement.
4.Share quotes 
It seems that people love witty quotes and like to RT them. They could be inspirational, business, motivational, self help, success and quotes on life. What’s nice about quotes is that you don’t have to think them up. Somebody has already done the work for you. Always remember to acknowledge the author too!  
5.Add links 
In Dan Zarella’s The Science of the Retweets he pointed out that nearly 19% of all tweets contained a link. What’s interesting is that nearly 57% of retweets contained a link. People like to RT links…so tweet links. As you tweet links remember to include a catchy headline/brief eye catching/ attention arresting description of the content contained on the link. Most people RT even before they open the link!
6.Mention a high profile Twitter user in your tweet 
Write a tweet in which you say something about another user and they may RT it. For example, tweet, “Hey, @KenyanMarketer, I loved your article on Under30ceos on untold reasons why businesses fail and I will most definitely RT it!
7.Use simple words 
The average number of syllables in a retweet is 1.62. It seems that people prefer simple tweets to complex ones when it comes to retweeting. Avoid using technical language or jargon in your tweets, just use words that the average Twitter can understand. Seek to be understood. Avoid using Swahili, Sheng or languages that most of your followers will not understand too. Remember it's not about you, if you want to build a huge following on Twitter your content (including Tweets) should be understood across nations.
8.Use hash tags 
A million to two million tweets include hash tags…meaning your tweets are more likely to be seen if you include a hash tag, thus causing more retweets. Whether you are tweeting about #Tpf5, #BBA #StarGame #TeamKenya at the #LondonOlympics do use hashtags so that others can follow or join the conversation.

Finally I need to share something very important with you. I came up with two hashtags to help the Tweeps learn from each other on a few aspects of social media to increase our effectiveness and realize the full benefits from these platforms.  Start using Be A #SocialPro on guys and companies messing, doing things the wrong  way hence annoying people on twitter, brands that don't respond to your inquiries and those with inactive twitter handles etc. On the contrary give #SocialPro for those doing a good job. Guys who clearly understand social etiquette, personal branding, those who respond in real time and brands that give you amazing customer experience on twitter! Do so for those who share useful links with others and people that share useful information on what's happening!
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