Wednesday, 3 September 2014

On Startups and Entrepreneurs: The misuse of tech

In today's digital/social / mobile / local world, startups, entrepreneurs and people in general have interesting issues thanks to the misuse of tech out here.

Why interesting? 

1. A guy would rather set up a feedback form or survey online than going out to meet his customers- if you can't meet them call them! CTRL - ALT - DEL and step out 

2. You don't believe you can make money without being on web & mobile platforms- take a step back to understand what problem you're solving and for who and why they need it to survive. That's for M-watus building m-vitus 

2. Instead of asking users what they need or like or enjoy using, your hacker is pushing out lines of code adding new features - ask people what they want and develop just that in a month. And get PAID 

3. You need a responsive website, 3 versions of the app and some SMS thingy before launching this revolutionary idea - The truth is, you will never launch it and nobody will steal your idea:-)

4. You have accounts on all SNSes but you're ever busy to post great content regularly - social media is not the silver bullet - entry is free, but you pay to play. Do much more to win! The internet is like a mall - if you want to get a slice of that digital foot traffic there's more work cut out for you.

5. Instead of attending an event to network, entrepreneurs show up behind a desktop and follow it on Twitter - nothing will ever replace that feeling & physical presence in a room full of seemingly cool strangers.

6. You Skype the guy seated next to you - email exchanges full of buzzwords -just talk to each other I beg ooh- to ensure you're all walking in the same direction.

Am just trying to say this, tech is an enabler and you can perhaps do much more without it.

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