Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My new friend from China: Work, Fun and getting to Know my Friend

I get to work with people from diverse backgrounds and learn new, sometimes weird things about other cultures. My newest friend is from China and over the past few weeks here's what I can say~

1. In ancient China men were attracted to girls with small feet- you can Google why but my new friend doesn't rate women by their shoe size. He needs more 

2. Still on girls~ the guy tells me in China, they prefer to keep those with flat or PROPER things~ not big, round and really there. I haven't showed him pics of Vera Sidika, Risper and Corazon but definitely those aren't his type. He's a gentleman, doesn't stare at these things so I can't tell which one he likes in the office and I cannot ask him that--not yet 

3. We've tried different dishes for lunch~I started him on junk~ chips and chicken, then to Ugali and beef, some Nyama choma, ...rice etc but since the guy tasted Chapatis he's been having them daily. I have told him he can prepare kadhaa over this weekend, carry them to work next week and they can stay fresh for 3-4 days if kept guy is very HAPPY now. We're making chapatis for next week this weekend 

4. But the stuff that really drives him crazy and makes him so happy is Facebook. It's banned in China but accessible in Kenya. If he'll remember anything about this beautiful country, the time he spent on Facebook will be in his top 5. Soon you'll get a friend request from him. 

5. The guy is a Buddhist, and their religion doesn't allow him to take alcohol or smoke. So he asked me about my beliefs and I told him I am a Christian, the Bible says it's wrong to drink but I take cold ones on Fridays. From that statement my guy decided to try Brew Bistro last weekend, and loved it so much. He now wants to know my plans for Easter weekend and what I will be doing on Friday evening. Twende Kazi 

5. Finally my guy doesn't have any martial arts training, not even basic Kungfu skills. I really wanted to know if he can kick some ass when we go out and chokoza that guy who brings 2 or 3 girls to the club and wants to dance with all of them. 

He is harmless~usimchokoze lakini, he's a cool guy and he's here to send make new friends. Ukipata friend request~ kubali yaishe. 

6. Finally he is not into animals, wilderness and such mzungu stuff. So he's definitely not a part time poacher~ don't blame him for the elephants and rhinos we've lost in the past weeks. Forgive me for saying that about my good friend. Back to work friends.

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