Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Story Telling for Entrepreneurs in Africa

The stuff out here nowadays tends to romanticize the concept of entrepreneurship too much but this thing isn't meant for everyone! You even need to prepare for it! Moving from idea--launch--scale--exit is a process. Not an event. The thrill is in the journey not the end result. It's nowhere close to epic, cool or awesome! But it's worth the pursuit. 

We need more authentic stories shared and less of early celebration of ideas. As it is today we read read & share stuff with announcements, plans to, outcomes [acquisitions + funding], the numbers [users + sales], wins, the awards, metrics and the rankings. Even being on a '5 Startups to watch' list is prestigious and worth bragging about 

We cannot tell stories through a press release with some facts, projections, figures and quotes. That's not what the customer| users deeply care about.

Tell the stories you'd like to listen to, about the impact your product had on a user, the transformation and value add, not just some one liners of testimonials. Got pictures? share those. Can you get a video with a customer sharing his/her experiences? Upload them on Youtube and tweet the link. Have a simple WP blog, write short stories and blogs that add value to readers. 

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