Friday, 14 February 2014

#DiaperMentality Cyber Protest and Why it's a Terrible Idea

The #DiaperMentality 'cyber protest' is squarely targeted at the 'influential and economically able' growing middle class who represent the bulk of social media users in this country. The content shared is meant to agitate, annoy and make them feel sorry about this nation for a moment, maybe for a while--the weekend---a few days maximum.

The keyboard ninjas behind #DiaperMentality are serving blow jobs on huge discounts to middle class Kenyans who missed the Feb 13 protest hoping they'll demand for the real thing immediately, take action soon, spread the message offline and push for change off the internet. The question is does this help get anything done? Does it deter corruption? Does it empower the kawaida Kenyans? Yes and NO!

The challenge is KE's middle class doesn't genuinely care about the problems of the common mwananchi because they are buying cars, houses and nice clothes to mask their real struggles and drown sorrows. After the tear gas these guys drove home to fairly upmarket areas, enjoyed a hot shower and relaxed with family while watching news and tweeting about the days drama! There was even USAID $$ to cater for their fuel & what I'd call a 'disturbance allowance' after a long day in the streets.

And as the number of Kenyans continues to grow as the internet’s tool of choice, the smart phone, makes astronomical inroads in this country prepare for more cyber protests---The Hashtag economy!

Above all I still feel there's a better way to pass this message 'ethically' for everyone to understand and feel the need to change.

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