Thursday, 27 February 2014

Boda Boda Rules and Regulations: What Next? What's the Impact?

The people who banned night bus transport have also decided watu wa boda boda pia walale mapema. Good. That was really easy to pass because a guy who hasn't used public transport for over a decade wouldn't understand why anyone would ride in a bike at night + in the cold + all the rain with all these cabs in Nairobi. FINE!

1. Boda bodas are used to ferry thugs from one place to the other. NICE! 
2. These riders cause too many accidents & they are careless. YEAH! 
3. CBD is a mess, these guys shouldn't operate even during the day! AMEN! 
4. Boda bodas are to blame for the rising cases of infidelity & teenage pregnancies. The riders even lure young school girls with free rides and impregnate them! WOW!

What next?
1. The hardworking young guy who took a loan from the chama or MFI or bank to buy a bike to hustle, provide for and feed his family now has to go home early. The bank doesn't care what Kimaiyo said. Bike repossessed, house hold goods auctioned. Guarantors pia ndio hao! 
2. The guy who used his savings on a motorcycle now has to ride it for fun? 
2. Those who leave their casual jobs late in the night wangoje tu asubuhi ifike wapande Ma3? Kwani mbona leave work late? What is this you do at night? 
3. The guy who has to make a few more deliveries past 8pm to make some extra $ past akalale! Kesho iko! 

What next after that? 
More unemployment, more crime, more gender violence, more homeless guys, more thugs in the city. 

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