Monday, 1 July 2013

You know you're no longer a boy when;

1. The handshakes change from some fist thing to a firm handshake.

2. When people start giving you suggestive looks and nods everytime you are seen with a girl of a marriageable age.

3. When people stop looking at you with anticipation and start looking up to you with expectation.

4. When every choice you make suddenly has heavy consequences and implications.

5. When you find the 'funky' things of yesterday suddenly shallow and purposeless!

6. When you start asking yourself what do you really live for... and the man in the mirror has a moustache!

7. When your Facebook status update has no fancy abbreviations.

8. When the line between right and wrong, good and evil, noble and naught... gets thicker by the day.

9. When you look behind and find a whole lot of young ones, walking in your footsteps.

10. When conversations get heavy with undertones as you take your place beside old men, and you are let in on the secrets that were hitherto unknown. When your opinion too suddenly matters.

Suddenly you realize, you're no longer a boy. o_O

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