Thursday, 21 February 2013

DECISION 2013; Will pull Kenyans pull through the #ElectionsKE?

Not everything we want for ourselves is good for us

A young man graduates from college, goes through the normal job-searching hustle, finally gets a good job and settles down. He gets a beautiful wife and they are expecting a baby… he has been dreaming about his first car for the longest time and was willing to part with a huge part of his salary just to get it…Life was just beginning. But he didn’t live long enough to live the life that had just began, he died in a car crash…the same car he couldn’t find peace until he held the key.

What we want for ourselves, sometimes so desperately is not always the best thing for us. Sometimes, almost always, we allow things to preoccupy us until we forget to yield ourselves to the guidance of the One who holds our tomorrow. By ourselves, if we are given the future to take care of, we will crumple it today, just like the young man did by buying the car that would take his own life.

At this critical time in our country, every young person (& young is relative) is in the said young man’s position…life is just beginning. The future is nothing but bright. We bought our dream cars by registering as voters to vote in our leaders of choice come 4th March. I just want to remind us, most of the times we take our opinion for the right thing. I pray that we don’t do so this time, that we shall all take a moment to commit the future of this country to God. It is only then that wisdom to vote in the right person will come upon us and humility and serenity to accept the results even if the person we voted for doesn’t win…otherwise we will be trading our own lives and futures in those ballot boxes on 4th.
May God help us to rely on Him solely to make the Decision 2013.


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