Sunday, 10 February 2013


When you start writing or creating any form of content online you get to engage your creative side of the brain whilst trying to express yourself. By doing so, you get to browse the web and find better bloggers in your industry; people who do it better than you. At that point if you are an ethical blogger you don’t plagiarize their work, thus you get to appreciate their stuff if it’s better, you feel inspired to be better and learn from their wisdom. That helped me work harder while learning from them.
Through blogging I get to pursue my passion for writing, social media, entrepreneurship and marketing. I am thrilled by how great brands communicate and more so interested with how they do it on new media. Blogging helps me express my opinions on how they do it- that helps me pursue what I love doing most! Which is helping brands with their marketing communications on social media.
A blogger is just someone with an opinion and an internet connection, someone who publishes his opinions, feelings or side of their story on the web. By so doing you share knowledge with others and when people find that useful as a blogger I FEEL SMARTER having helped a few others in the world. Sometimes, that opinion or piece of content you post on the web is read by someone who finds it’s so useful and applicable. There isn’t much free to use local research material and content in web so the content I contribute in to the web may be of use to someone.
When most people find my articles useful, they share my content to help others and hits on my blog increase and that gives me a lot of satisfaction! By sharing knowledge one feels valuable, the good Bible says we should give before we receive, to that Google and Wikipedia for helping me in my course work, tests and assignments in school I also write to help others solve their issues with the little I know or what I think works!
Blogging helps me network and engage the virtual world; most of the readers of my blog have ended up being my friends. Someone reads my articles online follows me or adds me on Facebook then we interact for a while and in some cases we get to meet, these same people invite me to events, for coffee, hook me up with some jobs or share links with me! The connections I have made online helped me in the launch of SocialPRO clubs and other campaigns we do at Social Edge Africa for our clients. When people find your content useful, they feel assisted and trust me they will want to give back when you ask for a favour. Through this I get to earn some digital influence by continuously writing good content across different blogs.
    6.   FEEL USEFUL
Through my blogging I feel useful! I kind of feel relevant and wanted! You know that feeling of knowing someone out there loves what you do and keenly follows what you do? Yeah that one! You never want to let them down. Writing helps me live a purpose driven life! If you are reading this I hope you are finding it valuable! If you do please leave a comment at the bottom or share the link on your Twitter handle, Facebook or email it to a few friends. Or you could start blogging to feel the same!
This is simple, when you blog, you also read what others are writing. You consume knowledge online. Through that I have stumbled on the works of amazing people, tapped into the knowledge of world’s finest minds and got to even interact with them online. That helps me become an expert in my field; every day I read 4 to 8 blogs and subscribe to a couple of others. I also check out videos on YouTube and PowerPoint presentations on SlideShare. The bottom line is, by doing on all this I get to learn a lot, keep abreast with the latest industry trends worldwide and sharpen my skills. That is very important if you want to remain relevant in whatever you do!
When you write you get to understand people and especially the peculiar Kenyans. Based on the hits you get on a certain post over a duration you can tell which content your readers want to see more. From the comments some will agree with you, others disagree while the nice guys contribute something or add to your post.
All this in one way helps me understand you guys better and improve on my weak areas.
A blogger is a guy with an internet connection and an opinion or something to share. Depending on our backgrounds, education, experiences, exposure among other things our readers may or may not agree with that opinion. Being able to share my opinions and get people to find them insightful and thought provoking makes me feel awesome and brilliant! Anyway at the end of the day I strive to share this knowledge in a simple straightforward for everyone to understand.
    10.                MY BLOG IS MY RESUME AT TIMES
In some cases content on this blog gives a person a glimpse on who I am, it backs me up at times when I need some backing or when I need to stand out. Why do I find this beneficial? At my age I need something ‘more’ to separate myself from other 24 year olds and this blog gives me an edge in some cases and in other times it does the exact opposite.
    11.                UTILISE MY SPARE TIME
I am writing this post on a Sunday afternoon, so blogging somewhat helps me ‘kill the time’ and while doing something I enjoy! By doing this I save up some money and remain sober as I will be busy doing something constructive! Do not forget that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop so do some soul searching to realize your talents or hobbies or could be interests and pursue them in your free time! The key thing is you should enjoy it and do it effortlessly. One last thing is it should be something you don’t need to be paid to do.
   12.  Keep checking for Number 12! I had to publish this now because I am following the #Afcon finals on Twitter. 
    Thank you for reading share it with your friends and follow me on Twitter @KenyanMarketer.

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