Tuesday, 18 December 2012

So What Will You Be Celebrating This Xmas?

Its Xmas again dear readers, time to celebrate again! But what are you celebrating? The year could have been great for you, bad for others but since its Xmas you need to cheer up and reflect up on a few things and celebrate your achievements in 2012 big or small, thank God for his grace upon your life and just be happy! 

Here’s why I will be celebrating my Xmas differently this year; 

Am still breathing!
This had to be the first point, and if you are reading this then you need to thank God for the gift of life. It’s not usual, ordinary or normal that you are alive! People die every day, and these human beings are our brothers, parents, colleagues or people who mean a lot to somebody out there. Since you have made it to this day you need to thank your maker! So during these Xmas holidays I want to celebrate that gift of life; not by drinking myself silly, doing random things that we do over Christmas festivities but actually doing something reasonable!

I learnt a lot!
2012 has been a great year; I made mistakes, missed opportunities, had my fair share of success or sheer luck and all these experiences taught me something. I think every project, task, initiative or experience I touched, got involved in, read about or thought about taught me something. I may have made mistakes or decisions that hurt people close to me, made sacrifices that somehow didn’t amuse others and all that taught me something. And so during the Christmas holidays I want to celebrate that; the knowledge I acquired, the lessons and most important the fact that I promise myself never to repeat the same mistakes. My success also taught me what can work, when, where and how and that too will help me a lot in future! So that’s a BIG reason for me to celebrate.

I still have a chance to make things right!
The fact that I am breathing and having learnt from my experiences during the year helps me in planning for the future. For the good book of God tells me that God has good plans for me, plans to make me prosper. So for that reason, I am not supposed to despair, stay stuck in the past and spend too much time reflecting, but I think I should spend the present working on the future. Whatever it is I wanted to achieve but failed, maybe thought of doing but didn’t do it or could be things I screwed up during the year, I want to believe I still have a chance to make things right, and when I say that I don’t mean dragging my thoughts and energy into the past but doing something now to have the future I want. For that reason too, I will celebrate this Christmas in a big way! You may have made a few silly mistakes in business, personal life or in your career but you still have a chance to make things right in the coming year, so spend the holidays looking at what you did well, what you excelled at and feel good about it as you celebrate. As you draft your 2013 resolutions don’t forget to work on what didn’t go well or what’s still pending.

That’s it from my end.

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