Monday, 6 August 2012

15 Stupid Questions That Cross My Mind Oftenly

Dear reader, this isn't what I think about all the time, I spend my precious 24 hours thinking about how and where Social Edge Africa will be in the next 5 years, writing articles for this blog,, Finance Magazine, Management Magazine, Career point Kenya, CIO East Africa Magazine and blog. 
I am also very passionate about social media, careers, youth and entrepreneurship PR & Media relation and politics. When I am not thinking of any of the above I tend to drift away to what you're about to read below.

1. If the car in front of you is always a Toyota then what of the ones behind? 

2.If Nivea knows what men want why then don't they call for a press briefing, launch a book, do a movie to share their secret with all the women out there?

3. If Raila spent close to 2BN in his recent trip to china and brought 5Bn back home can we send him to space and see what he brings back?

4.If Samsung Galaxy S3 is designed for humans then does that mean Kenyans like me who can't afford it are animals?

5. Which animal will Safaricom use when they come up with faster Internet speeds in their next upgrade since they used the cheater in the las one? Usain bolt probably!

6.If the bench is always 'smoking' when will it burn down? #Boring

7.If P&G is the proud sponsor of moms in the world can Unilever please do something for dads by default? Our seeds brought forth those Olympic champions!

8.If Pastor Njoroge is real about his miracles why can't we let him pray for all the people with cleft lips? Can he do that?

9.How many people in Kenya are called Mark Juma Mtambo?

10.When Jesus comes back and finds Kenyans in the bars as usual would you ask him to buy you a round? Better still could you ask him to turn all the water into wine one so that you stagger to hell?

11. Can a dark guy use Dettol soap? From all their ads on TV I only see light skinned people and whites!

12. According to Getrude Mungai women are experiencing orgasms by riding on Boda boda's, buses and tuk tuks on rough roads. Isn't this a threat to the existence of men in Kenya?

13. If education is the key to a good life who will show our Kenyan graduates the lock that the key opens?

14. If Suzzane Owiyo goes around Nairobi inspecting toilets can the city council of Nairobi also hire her as their officer? On that same note when is she coming to my place to inspect? 

15. How will Octopizzo ensure Kenyans remember there's a 4th condom remaining in the pack? Kenyans are used to having a pack of 3 Cd's and Octo's new C|D  line has 4 condoms!

Forgive me for the stupidity illustrated above, it's a MONDAAAAAAY and what a better way to start the week that on that note! Follow me on Twitter @KenyanMarketer for a serious chat on start ups, Biz talk, brands, social media and governance. 

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