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Social Media For Business in Kenya - Events Brand Creations

Take 10 on Social Media

Carolyn Kinya Magiri

     1. Tell us something about your business or professional background? (overview of your business) At what point did you start doing what you currently handle, manage or run? Include your current title. What are some of the products you offer? 
      I’m the Creative Consultant/Director at Events Brand Creations which is a 
     professional Event management firm offering among other services conference Management, Corporate Event management,Product Launches management, Promotions Management, Concept development for marketing Campaigns and marketing services.  I started in this business in 2008 January. I have a Diploma in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship both From USIU.
2. In what ways do you use social media personally and for business? 
I use Social media to advertise my concepts for various events, Products and other services that I offer. I also use social media to gauge what the market is expecting from a certain event.  It gives me a platform to go one on one with my customers and would be customers to engage them in whatever event I’m holding.  I 
 also popularize the events using social media. I get to meet with like minded people who I can with in my business too.
     3. What are some of techniques that you apply online and offline to drive traffic and grow audience on your page, profile or twitter handle?
I post pictures and comments that will spark a debate and comments but also very relevant to what I’m trying to sell to them. On my profile I post funny photos that make my friends laugh and comment on the same. I post encouraging status updates which uplift them spiritually. I also remember to send Happy Birthday wishes to my friends. I also comment on as many status updates as I possibly can so that when I send Requests for liking my page they will return the favor. I engage my friends one on one on my pages. I’m hands on to answer all their questions and explain to them about my products.
Offline, I talk to my friends and tell them about my pages and my websites. I also have my Links included in my business cards. Whenever I send e-mails, I make sure it has links to my pages relevant to the email.
4.  4. When did you get into social media (and marketing)? How frequently do you update Facebook and Twitter? What percentage of referral traffic do you think your site gets from social media sites? Can you quantify leads from social media that you converted to sales?
I started using Social media actively in 2008 when I re branded my business. I update my status from my pages every single day. I'm not sure 30% of my traffic is from referral. With all the work I do on social media, 40 % has led to direct sales.
   5. What has been your biggest achievement in Social Media Marketing? And what’s your take on social media give aways? Are they sustainable? Would you recommend them to someone?
I have managed to make my business known to like 40% of my target market. I employ other ways to reach the other 60%. They are very sustainable and I think that’s the way we are headed in the near future. I would highly recommend Social Media to anyone who is in business.
   6. What are your strengths and weaknesses/challenges in social media? And would you involve a social media consultant in managing your presence online?  Is it economically viable to you?
I have a really creative mind and I’m able to capture people’s attention. I’m not able to utilize all the avenues provided by the Social media. I would involve a Social media consultant at the consultancy level.
   7. Do you feel that you are well connected in Social media spheres?  Does your social media account carry influence? How do you measure success on social media and what metrics or tools do you use to measure the effectiveness of social media?
I’m not well connected in the Social media Spheres. I would say it carries some influences because I get questions when I don’t post an updates from my pages. I measure success by the comments and questions I get after an update. I also look at the business that comes in soon after but I would like to mention that sometimes business comes in months after the updates. i.e. When someone has been following your updates and finally gets convinced that they can trust you to bring you business.
   8. How do you manage an online reputation? How do you handle criticism of a company online? What would you recommend to others?
I have some background on Public Relations so I’m able to manage my reputation well as well as criticism. I would recommend that when handling criticism, admit you mistakes, and map the way forward to address what you are being criticized about. Make sure you follow up with what you promised.
   9. Since everyone is into social media nowadays (including your competitors) how do you differentiate your presence? Apart from pushing what you offer what else do you share?
Everything I sell has a competitive edge. I start with the packaging of the product and/or service. The way I put out the information does not always have to be about the product/service but I post it in a unique way to make sure it attracts attention. I try to avoid doing it so strongly but always manage to get the message home.
.  10. What are some of the lessons you’ve learnt about social media that you’d like to share with us? Your advice to Kenyans?
I have learnt that Social Media is the cheapest way to market yourself or your business. It also calls for a lot of caution what you post on your page, what you comment on other peoples updates. People will judge you by that. Social media is highly interactive and you can rescue yourself or your brand instantly. You get to put up all you want for people to see. It a medium I feel is here to rescue those of us are here to do business and serious business for that matter.


If you've got any questions or you need some help regarding your presence social media follow me Twitter @KenyanMarketer. and be a #Socialpro. I'll be happy to assist, do a review of your page, profile, twitter handle etc and design a social media content & a digital plan for you. Lets do this again tomorrow so please check out who will be featured on this blog! 

Before I sign out here's a quote for you!
“Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value. They’ll be the richest, the most successful, the most connected, capable and influential among us. We’re all publishers now, and the more we publish, the more valuable connections we’ll make.” -Pete Cashmore, Founder of Mashable

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