Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Social Media For Business In Kenya- Ryk Mchoraji

 Tell us something about your business or professional background? At what point did you start doing what you currently handle, manage or run?
My name is Erick Kivuva- Better known as RYK MCHORAJI I am 23 years old. I studied Social Science, economics major, sociology minor and graduated with a Second Class Lower Division. I have worked as a  B.G Project Beneficiary Supervisor, AMREF, Kenya, Research Field Supervisor, Royal  Media Services Kenya and Barclays Kenya, sales and marketing (the project did not run so I took the chance to start my own venture). Currently I am the creator and head fashion artist of  Re’Touch Designs.
In what ways do you use social media personally and for business?
I use social media for everything. I look at the internet as my office. If it was not for social media Ryk Mchoraji n Re’Touch Designs would not exist. I am not outgoing, I’ m almost always indoors no it has been like magic  that people could just see what I made n without hustle n bustle, order and get the service or design they desire.
What are some of techniques that you apply online and offline to drive traffic to your page, profile or twitter handle?
Most 99% of my clients are absolute strangers. A hand-full are friends who always call when they need a fix. I use the picture n photo apps that are available for uploading. I use photo tagging. My audience has grown simply by friend requests, when u tag, someone else is bound to see and want.
When did you get into social media (and marketing)? How frequently do you update Facebook and Twitter? 
I got into social media 2 years ago, one year as a personal account and after graduation, as a commercial account. I’m always online.
 What has been your biggest achievement in Social Media Marketing? And what’s your take on social media give aways?
My biggest achievement is remaining relevant. People go out of style as quick as they got in. I don’t give away stuff for free, as much as they bring in numbers, discounts are better. Give aways in these economic times are counted as losses rather than investments in opinion.
What are your strengths and weaknesses/challenges in social media?
My strength is the amount of trust that clients put in when ordering . My weakness is maybe the personal relationship that other people grow with the clients, I just keep it all about business.
Do you feel that you are well connected in Social media spheres?  Does your social media account carry influence?
My Facebook is powerful; I am added by people who like and want art. People who know and seek what they want. I measure success on social media by the presence of my name among people who don’t know me personally. I feel happy when people mention Ryk Mchoraji in art gigs and yet they don’t know me personally. I measure the effectiveness of my presence on social media by the units of pieces sold per week.
How do you manage an online reputation? How do you handle criticism of a company online? What would you recommend to others?
I manage it by providing quality n nothing else. I always pray not to be criticized. I always say there is no mistake in art and mistakes in business is experience.  I handle criticism by taking it as pointer on how to polish up and improve the quality of what I do. I recommend people should do research on what they are and what they represent, do not do something because others are doing, do it to forge your own style and brand, then you will grow.
Since everyone is into social media nowadays (including your competitors) how do you differentiate your presence? Apart from pushing what you offer what else do you share?
I share a lifestyle that many seem not to be able to afford. My brand is worn internationally. My aim is to make the man and woman in the street feel classy and worth adoration. My designs set people apart, give you a different look plus it’s a lifestyle altogether.
What are some of the lessons you’ve learnt about social media that you’d like to share with us? Your advice to Kenyans?
The potential on social media is huge, it has helped me cut down on my sales and marketing costs. A website is good but you don’t need one at the beginning. We should all work harder as Kenyans, be cautious of con men and sharpen our skills in whatever we do to remain competitive. Moreover I would like to urge all Kenyans especially the youth to embrace the web. 

FACEBOOK: RykMchoraji
TWITTER: @Ryk_Mchoraji
CELL : 0724917959
SHOP  1 ; Bishan Plaza, Westlands, Ground Floor, Below Red Tape, COOL BEANS,
SHOP 2 : Nakumatt Junction, Ngong road, new block, next to Kfc, UNITED rugby shop.


Kindly follow me on twitter @KenyanMarketer for more insights on social media, however before I sign out here's a quote for you-
 “Ultimately, brands need to have a role in society. The best way to have a role in society is to understand how people are talking about things in real time.” -Jean-Philippe Maheu, Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy

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