Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How Influential are you on Twitter?

10 Tools To Help You Measure Your Success

Do you tweet any time of the day? If you do so at the wrong time then you are likely not going to engage your audience on social media effectively. Do you understand social media etiquette? Do you handle your presence on twitter like a #SocialPro? Have you managed to be consistent without being boring? How well do you understand personal branding on social media? Finally how do you measure your ROI on social media? How do you tell if you are influential or not? At these modern times when time is a very scarce resource then you’ve got to ensure that the time you spend on social networks adds value to your business, life and to you as a personal brand. Being a Twitter power user means you care about what you tweet and about how influential each tweet is…and how influential you are. There is no point in being a power user unless you want to be the best, right? That’s means measuring your success. Here are ten tools to do that with:
  • Twitter Counter –Twitter Counter is a pretty standard Twitter analytic tool that gives you a snapshot of follower predictions and daily stats. And starting at $75/month, you can attract high-quality followers through their follower program.
  • Tweetstats – If you want to break your tweets down by hour, TweetStats is your tool. You can also see tweets per month and your reply statistics. Its a free tool.
  • Tweetreach For marketing and PR professionals who love to see how far their message is reaching, TweetReach will deliver. It’s simple to use and plans start at $84/month.
  • Twitalyzer – This is a serious Twitter search analytics tool. From automatic daily updates to Custom Data Range reporting to Competitive Account Tracking, you will up your social game with this tool. The beauty of it is you can start with a free trial!
  • Trendistic – Whether you are looking for things to blog or tweet about, this search tool will help you find out what is trending on Twitter.
  • Twitter Grader – This ego-pulling tool will show you how influential you are on Twitter by “grading” your profile, tweets, followers, RTs and replies. This is an excellent way of measuring improvements in a complete social media campaign.
  • Klout – Klout is another social media tool that measures your influence…this time it does it over all of your social media networks, Twitter included.Am at 63 Klout Score so check yours.
  • Simply Measured – If you are you an Excel junkie then you can simply measured and take your social data and create beautiful reports in Excel.
  • Sprout Social – Sprout Social is a one-stop shop for all your social media tracking needs, including Twitter. Extensive reporting capabilities that allow you to isolate single site performance.

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