Wednesday, 25 April 2012

5 Business & Life Lessons to Learn from Chelsea Vs Barcelona game.

Last night we were entertained to a thrilling clash between Chelsea Vs Barcelona in a UEFA champions league semi final match and Nou camp Barcelona's home turf!
The Barcelona team took the lead in the match with scoring two goals early in the first half but failed to maintain their lead up to the end of the game. Sergio Burgos scored the first goal for Barcelona in the 35 min of the match followed by a second goal in the 43rd min by Andres Iniesta. The fortune seemed to be with Chelsea as both of their goals were scored in the extra time of the halves. Fernando Torres scored the winning goal for Chelsea in the 90+2 min of the match while Chelsea scored their first goal when Ramires provided them with the opportunity in the 45+1 min of the match. I wasn't supporting either clubs however after keenly following the match to full time I felt the urge to write an article on a few life lessons that I picked from the match.
Here's what I learnt from the match after being entertained for a whole 90 minutes.

1.   Results Matter.
Barcelona did play a nice game what fans call soccer & Chelsea played football! Barcelona especially during the second half played in the Chelsea’s half  but didn’t see the goal.
They had good chances to score but they didn’t however the few chances that Chelsea got to go forward to Barca’s half they scored twice! What this simply means is that in life & in business don’t spend all the time planning, strategizing and in execution without focus on tangible/real results. A lot of companies do have great ideas, play a nice game, they are very visible in terms of advertising and PR efforts however they don’t have SALES! Firms that make so much noise but lack a proper distribution network & other sales drivers to ‘harvest’ the cash!! Results do matter! That’s the bottom-line. At full time despite Chelsea playing 10 men and witnessing a sizzling display of soccer from the strong Barca side they won! That’s what the world is talking about now not how Barca played nicely!
2.      Play with the future in mind!
Chelsea will be missing the services of several key players like John Terry,  Meireles and others who were booked for various reasons due t foul play. As Chelsea progresses to the final they’ll be having problems with their defense that their opponents be it Real Madrid or Bayern Munich may capitalize on!
In life and in business you should have a plan! Your business is a going concern and shall not close down at the end of the year! If you have the future in the back of your mind you will make certain decisions more wisely! If you play badly there are court cases to follow you in future, If you engage in corrupt deals they may haunt you in future. If you do not provide to your family as a man now your wife and kids may desert you in future and divorce cases end up in court. Same case applies to men or women who engage in infidelity.

3.      Even the best make mistakes!
The match proved to be a nightmare for star Barca footballer Messi who missed two chances of clear scoring. Messi missed a penalty kick in the second half when the ball returned after hitting the top bar while in the other attempt his kick strike goal-post.
Who ever Messi would miss a spot kick? This simply means that in life even if you are the best, don’t let that get into your head. You’ll still make mistakes and so the best thing is to learn from them! Big or small everyone makes mistakes; don’t feel bad about yourself when you make terrible mistakes. The best thing is to wake up, dust yourself and move on!
4    4.  Work as a team
Chelsea fought Barca with 10 men to the last minute as a team. There is a saying that many hands make light work. The essence of this statement is that more can be achieved as a collective than individually. There are numerous benefits of teamwork as witnessed in last night’s game. Even the best qualified individual cannot have all of the skills to do everything. Hence in life you need to be part of a team! In business I have witnessed greedy people who would rather own 100 percent of 10 million than sell a 60 percent stake in their business and own 40 percent of 1Billion dollars! You simply need key partners in your business to take it global and do business with the world! At the workplace, school or even the church you need to be part of a team. Work with people and their success will also be your success!
5    5. Persistence & Resilience.
If you did watch the game last you’ll agree with that Chelsea fought, the game was very intense and tough for Chelsea. However they held on to the end. That to me was nothing short amazing!
At one point you got to put in your blood sweat and tears to succeed in a certain project or something. The richest men in the world have faced & overcome huge challenges on their way to greatness. Sluggish growth of today’s economy means that the world is urgently in need of fresh ideas on innovation and better ways to adapt to every day changes in the society. The business moguls have to keep abreast with these changes to remain competitive. In short you have to be persistent and resilient to make it in life. The get rich quick schemes are cons, success comes from handwork. You got to do it your way even when no else feels you can do it. Dream big, think big but BE ready to pay the price to achieve your goals.

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