Friday, 17 February 2012

5 ways to Create A More Engaging Facebook Page

 Kenyan companies,public figures and brands in general all have facebook pages however in 2012 social media has gone beyond just being Facebook friends and sharing funny videos you found on YouTube.  Today, social media has become a platform with the ability to change the world.

In kenya for example we are currently No.3 top tweeters in Africa behind S.A and Nigeria with a Total number of internet users at 10,199,836 25.9 % population with Internet Access.This is massive.
Kenyans are freely tweeting away and updating their thoughts,gossip,rumors and hate speech. Recently a top media personality updated something controversial about Whitney Houston's death and her fans reacted angrily. She went ahead and labelled them as LOW IQ face book users. Such incidences ruin one's reputation online.
Remember how the Nancy Barasa village market incident was treated on social media?The cases of men battering in Nyeri?
People share anything on these platforms. To some companies it is now a PR nightmare as bad news is shared and re tweeted quickly.One unhappy influential customer can dissuade 5000 friends on her list to avoid a certain product.

However when these same customers are delighted with your products or services they form the best brand ambassadors for your brand.Politicians have flocked various platforms to woo voters and Social media will play an important role in swinging the Youth vote. 
Hence companies and individuals should post engaging stuff  to keep their fans and followers coming back to the page for more.
Here are a few tips...Enjoy!
1. Be unique

There’s nothing worse than a bland Facebook page. Think long and hard about how your page can be different. Remember, your page is one of at least 60 things that an average Facebook user is giving attention to. It’s important that your page is unique and stands out from the rest.
You can never go wrong investing time and resources into a great design for your Facebook page.Think creatively about how you can add value to Facebook users. Can you give them something? Can you provide them with help, or resources? These are the things that will get people joining your Facebook page and keep them coming back.
2. Don’t use a generic landing page
Facebook allows you to customize what page different types of users land on. You can show people who have never been to your page before a completely different message than people who are already fans on your page. It’s a great idea to show potential users a page specifically tailored for them. It might give a little background about your company or site, and would give them a great reason for joining.
Never let new users land on your Wall. The Wall doesn’t really tell anything about your brand, and it won’t have much impact on new visitors.You can get a super cool designed landing page Here
3. Give something away quickly
Your die-hard followers won’t need any reason for joining your fan page. But if you’re trying to really grow your Facebook presence, consider giving resources back to your community and niche. This allows you to reach other potential fans within your niche that might not have known about your Facebook page.
Check the Safaricom official Fanpage or Coca Cola kenya Pick a few lessons there. 

4. Use a large profile picture

People on Facebook want to see photos. So make sure your page has a large photo of your company or brand as the profile picture. This helps with branding and adds trust to your profile.

5. Tag fans in photos
If you’re somehow able to take pictures of your customers, tag them within the picture. Many people have Facebook notifications that alert them when they’ve been tagged in photos, and this will bring them back to your page.
Not only are you giving back by adding photos, you’re also keeping your brand planted firmly in the fan’s mind.Tagging photos also helps increase a page visibility on facebook. I have previously used this strategy to sell events and products by tagging celebrities and guys with good numbers on facebook.The response has always been awesome!!
Check out how i do it here
What other ways can you engage your audience on social media?
Please share that with us..
have a blessed weekend.

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