Friday, 17 February 2012

10 tools to help you measure the effective of your social media campaigns

The following tools will help us manage, monitor and measure your social media campaigns efficiently and effectively.
  1. IceRocket – Keep tabs on who is saying what about you, your brand or your client on the web, Twitter, video and more with this free buzz search tool.
  2. Kurrently – Free social search engine that shows you what’s being shared on Twitter and Facebook. Clean, simple interface. Free.
  3. Blekko – Allows you to narrow your social media searches with “slashtags.”
  4. Klout – Measures awareness across multiple social platforms like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. This site is really growing and you need to watch what it does.
  5. Socialbakers – Monitor and measure your Facebook stats with their Engagement Analytics PRO or Engagement Builder PRO.
  6. PostRank Analytics – Helps you measure and improve social media audience loyalty by identifying influencers and measuring off-site engagement.
  7. Social Mentions – Set up alerts for certain keywords that you get when people use that keyword on the social web.
  8. Friend or Follow – Want to know who’s following you and who’s not? This tool is for you. Can be a little tricky when it comes to cleaning up your list, though.
  9. Instagram – Great way to treat and share your photos with your social networks. Combine this with Blurb and you can make great promotional books cheap.
  10. Board Tracker – Follow customers who are more likely to spend time on message boards than other channels. Remember, forums are social media, too. 
What other tools do you know of?Please share them with the rest of us.

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