Monday, 5 December 2011

Brand Kenya's greatest opportunities to market Kenya

Models wearing Brand Kenya's kikoys @the Face of Marketing 2011

Kenya was again on the global TV screens and all over the internet during the royal wedding. The stories filled the media and there was a pro-longed coverage on TV during the royal wedding on the 29th April 2011 in UK.The enthusiasm across the globe evidenced by curious viewers glued to their TV sets at home and social joints for the Live TV coverage of the wedding adds to the importance that was attached to the event that Brand Kenya and KTB could have capitalized on to market Kenya.
To put it to perspective the wedding was a climax and the fulfillment of a proposal made by prince William to Kate during a visit to Kenya in October 2010 on the rutundu log cabin on the foot of Mt Kenya.
The royal wedding propelled Kenya’s image globally as a tourist and a royal destination. Prince William’s grandma also made history in Kenya in 1952 when as a young princess at the tree tops lodge in Nyeri she learnt that she had become the queen.
Mary Kimonye;CEO,BKB
Brand Kenya and KTB failed to showcase Kenya’s tourism spots and destinations well despite the media buzz and focus on Kenya. Brand Kenya could have used the opportunity to portray Kenya as a beautiful country and a romantic destination like Hawaii or Seychelles. This was a missed opportunity to pitch Kenya’s beauty the global market.
What did we ever do to barrack obama? the man simply won’t be bothered to pay us a visit ever since he became president. He has visited Ghana and Egypt and last week he was handing out medals in Australia but he hasn’t been to his grandma’s place. He even toured Ireland where they traced his mother’s origin. However I think brand Kenya could have used this guy to showcase Kenya as cradle of mankind, the greatness of Kenya and its contribution to the development of the world. Kogalo in siaya became famous and received media attention for so long. Since the mama Sarah obama became an instant sensation, an al shabaab target and all that come with being at the spotlight. I think mama Sarah obama should invite his grandson home before he ends his term at the white house. Maybe with that he will feel obliged to jet in.
M-pesa is another brilliant product whose origin is Kenya. Mobile money has touched lives, made business easier and reduce the number of the unbanked. It’s a revolutionary service that has won awards locally and internationally. Brand Kenya can use such a product to pitch Kenya to international investors as a technology hub. The konza techno polis has already attracted big tech and software firms from the west. Venture capitalists are setting up in Nairobi to scout for tech ideas to invest in. The I HUB is one such great initiative that has provided mentoring and guidance to Kenya’s most brilliant tech minds. Brand Kenya can use such success stories to lure investors to invest in Kenya’s tech potential.
Kentucky fried chicken is the latest entrant to the fast food industry in Kenya. The brand has a strong name, reputation and recognition due to its early entry into the market in the fast food industry in 1954 just before Mc Donald’s.
Kentucky fried Chicken @the Junction mall
They have set up their first joint at the Junction mall on Ngong road, their second one is coming up at the Galleria mall and one in CBD soon. They are yet to launch officially in Kenya, hence brand Kenya can use this opportunity to blow this up by portraying Kenya’s potential market for brands in the west to set up shop in Nairobi.Indian Billionaire Mukesh ambani has also set foot in Nairobi's real estate business.

The National rugby team has also done well in the rugby sevens circuits.They always carry out our national colours abroad.They do us proud.Brand Kenya should do more in branding the country as a sporting nation.Long distance runners from Kenya have dominated races worldwide.The board should pump in more effort to showcase kenya's sporting capcity and ability to attract investors into the sector and grants from the west.Youths will also take up sports and athletics seriously as a way of earning a living.This will go a long way into reducing drug abuse,crime and HIV prevalence in the country.
However I appreciate Brand Kenya’s contribution to country branding. They are doing an excellent job so far. The recent ‘nitakuwepo campaign’ on TV was a step in the right direction.More needs to be done to instill patriotism among Kenyans ahead of 2012 elections.Kudos too for having a regularly updated website unlike other government parastatals.Over to you Jacquie muhati, Brand Kenya’s International brand manager.
On my next article I shall discuss what I think brand Kenya can do to improve Kenya’s image and boost the level of patriotism in Kenya in the year 2012.
Nitakuwepo campaign"The Runner (Brand Kenya)
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  1. Great Work Steve, we should sit down some time and brainstorm more ideas.


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